Can Psychic Readings Help You?

palmistryPsychic readings are a great way to figure out what your present or future will hold. No one knows for sure what will happen, but psychics are blessed with rare gifts that the rest of us simply do not have. Sure, not all psychics are authentic, but the ones that are truly psychic can provide valuable insight and guidance when we need it most. They are sensitive to the vibrations of the universe and may be able to give you advice or even messages about what has happened or will happen to you.

Consulting a Psychic

Not everyone grows up consulting psychics. Many might say that it’s even a scam. However, there are also genuine companies out there like Psychic Source that do exhaustive screenings in order to make sure that the people that they are hiring are authentic seers and not charlatans trying to pull a fast one over on the company and their customers. With the right person, it’s not like a trick at all. It’s like tapping in to some other force, an extended world beyond themselves. The point of this is not to trick anyone but to inform them. In certain settings with the right psychic working with you, amazing things can be accomplished.

How Can A Psychic Help Me?

Psychics can help us to harness certain energies, to see where we have been, and to visualize where we are going. Their insight can lead to valuable choices in your life that have real consequences. We only have so much time in life. It’s all the more important o choose a path that is worthy to us, to craft a life that we find joy living in. A psychic can help you manifest what exists internally and bring it to the external to make it a true part of our reality.

The Power of a Reading

So, can psychics help you? Psychic readings can be very powerful and moving if you are open to it. In some cases, even with those who do not believe, their experience with a gifted psychic or medium has changed their minds. A reading can open your mind to new possibilities and help you to see your life as it truly needs to be seen. Powerful psychic readings are more empowering than they are fear inducing. It is something that should be affirming, not terrifying. It can help you unlock obstacles and be more excited and directed than ever before. Consider getting a reading today and receive guidance, advice, and information that will help you make crucial choices and move forward in your life.

Tips on How To Give Accurate Psychic Readings

fortune tellerFortune telling and psychic readings are an ancient art that combines acting and psychological manipulation. Some real psychics have been known to acquire information prior to giving the reading or cheat. Below are some tips on how to perform what is referred to as “cold reading”, which is reading a person without acquiring information about them ahead of time.

Tips on how to perform “cold reading”

1. Set a comfortable stage and establish your psychic authority. Have comfortable chairs and a small table between them. Choose a lace table cloth, a light-colored soft rug, candles and incense to give your reading a “spiritual” feeling. The client should feel like they are the center of a very important ritual.

2. Develop a sympathetic personality and put the client in a cooperative mood. Explain to your client that working as a team is of great importance in psychic readings. Use as soft a voice as possible, remain calm, and use a sympathetic and non-confrontational body language. Maintain a pleasant smile and constant eye contact, unfold your arms, tilt your head to one side and face your client with legs together (not crossed). Let the client know that everyone has a special gift of intuition and that you have improved yours by practicing. Also remind them that no one is perfect and that not always are psychic readings accurate, to rationalize any misses.

3. Extract information by disguising questions as statements. Use questions such as: Is this making sense to you? Does this sound right? Do you connect with this? So what might this refer to? What might this link to in your life? Would you say that this is along the right line for you?

4. Pepper your reading with jargon that appeal to ancient wisdom and mysterious secrets. This makes the client see you as an authority figure with secret knowledge. It also promotes the sense of important ritual so that the client remains cooperative and does not have any doubts or protests. The reader can pump the client with information revealing that “the stars” or “the cards” indicate certain possibilities then asking them what best suits their situation.

5. Use a little scientific knowledge from sociology or psychology to deduce the client’s concerns. Some books may reveal interests that people at particular ages, social groups, or gender will have.

6. Don’t forget to flatter your subject; tell them what they want to hear. “You are hardworking, independent, wise and fair, your financial problems will be solved, your romance will turn out.” Excellent psychic readers don’t just say these words; they integrate them into an elaborate presentation that convinces the subject. These are statements that could be about anyone but make the client apply them specifically to their lives to perceive the reading as startlingly accurate.

7. Lastly, turn every outcome to your advantage and have excuses ready. Admit at the beginning that you are not 100% accurate. If a subject claims that the reader is wrong about a statement, the reader can point out that it’s because of something that happened in the past or will happen in future. Blame awkward pauses on bad spiritual connections or better yet, blame the subject by suggesting they should try harder.


Psychic Readings – Skeptic or Believer?

Dorothy´s Psychic ReadingsMany people have very strong feelings when it comes to the validity of psychic readings. It’s a very polarizing topic and it seems like whenever you turn on the television recently there is a medium on a talk show or a new reality show. People go to psychics for a variety of different reasons whether it be purely for entertainment or used during tough times in our lives for guidance. How you view it can change your overall perspective on the practice.


Skeptics come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to online psychic readings. Some don’t believe, but would still have no problem going to a fortune teller on a Friday evening just purely to have a good time. This is probably the largest piece of the pie when it comes to the overall population.

Other skeptics are totally against the practice for a variety of reasons. Religion is one of these and would strongly prevent certain individuals to even consider the possibility of such things being possible. Another group of people might be against it because they believe it to be a farce and don’t see the fun in it.

As mentioned above in regards to mediums on tv. Often times it seems like the mediums are basically just leading individuals they are reading so they can obtain the answers they need. In these situations, you almost never see a cold read. There are instances where this practice can seen to take advantage of peoples emotions.


People who believe in real psychic readings also do so for their own individual reasons. They may be going through a difficult time in their life and using this as a last resort to find any answers they can. An individual could be grieving and this could be a way for them to say a final goodbye. If they get the answers they are looking for it will make them feel more at ease and more in control of the situation. In a sense it can grant comfort similar to how religion can. The control aspect also comes into play for people who just want a head start on events that may be coming into play in the future. The answers they may receive could be vague but could be a pat on the back to subconsciously change their lives into what the hoped for.

Why You May Need Multiple Tarot Card Decks

tarot cardsSome people need multiple Tarot decks. That is because not all decks are suited to all types of readings. Some decks are designed for very specific purposes and layouts. They just don’t lend themselves well to other issues which may not be related to their purposes. Here are some examples of different decks along with the strengths and weaknesses of each deck. Of course, different readers might have different experiences with these decks, given the highly personal nature of the Tarot, but this examination serves to demonstrate some of the reasons why you might seek multiple decks for your own use.

The World Spirit Tarot

The World Spirit Tarot doesn’t make a good deck for predicting issues of material security, like money, careers, or new business ventures. It is excellent for telling a querent exactly what qualities to nurture in himself or herself in order to attain goals, which certainly can include goals of material security. It’s also good at pointing out weaknesses in thinking. As the name of the deck might imply it is also a good deck for helping people determine whether or not they are on the right spiritual path for following their life’s purpose.

Shapeshifter Tarot

This beautiful deck is designed with an eye towards helping you understand which energies to tap into or attune to in order to find success. It works well with a 10 card “Finding Animal Helpers” spread that has a very totemic quality to it. It’s very difficult to use this deck in a predictive way simply because of the way the deck is written. However, it can do well for relationship readings as it is all about how different energies blend and work together.

The Gilded Tarot

The Gilded Tarot is a great deck for nearly any physical matter, though it’s especially good for money or career readings. It offers beautiful, detailed artwork and memorable, distinctive, clear imagery. It’s not as attuned to matters of love, but it still works. As one might imagine the gilded tarot is least helpful in matters of spiritual growth and development.

The Quest Tarot

This deck is good for any issue the querent may be striving towards, though it can be a little harsh and unforgiving when pointing out the mistakes of the querent or when trying to bring warnings to the attention of the querent. It’s a great deck for a querent who might need a “kick in the pants,” however, and this “get up and get moving” effect can really be applied to any area of life. If someone’s primary quest is romantic in nature this does make a good deck for love readings.

Find the Resonances that Work for You

If your primary deck is doing a good job for all of the readings that you do then you probably shouldn’t rush out and buy a second deck—it’s not necessary. However, if you feel there is something missing or that certain types of readings are creating a difficulty for you, it is probably time to seek out a second deck that is better suited for the types of readings that you’re having trouble with. It could also be that you don’t have a talent with that sort of reading. Someone for whom love and romance isn’t much of a priority may have trouble doing love readings no matter what sort of deck they carry, for example. If that’s the case having a different deck for those sorts of readings still won’t hurt, and it may even help. As always with the Tarot, follow your intuition and do what seems right for you.

Giving Chat Psychic Readings A Try

psychic reading shopIf you’re not the type of person who likes to talk on the phone, but you want a psychic reading, this option is perfect for you. With a chat psychic reading, you can get the same information and benefits from a talented psychic, but you communicate with them online, via a chat room.

Why Chat with an Online Psychic?

There are a lot of reasons that individuals choose to chat with a psychic rather than speak to one on the telephone. The first and most common reason is that the individual is shy or uncomfortable speaking on the phone. This is much more common than you might think, and it’s one of the reasons many people start out chatting with a psychic before speaking with one on the telephone.

You can also chat with a psychic if you don’t want your conversation to be overheard. For instance, if you live in a house with other people and you don’t want to reveal personal details about yourself or the fact that you’re speaking with a psychic, this would be a great option for you. The same goes for individuals who are in a public place but want to speak with a psychic before making a decision, to get answers to questions that are bothering them, etc.

How to Get a Chat Psychic Reading Online

It’s easy to get a chat psychic reading – it takes just a few simple steps.

Step One: Log into your account and check to make sure you have funds available to speak with a psychic. (Don’t worry if you run out of funds in the middle of your chat – you will have the option to add more during the conversation.)

Step Two: Locate your preferred psychic from a psychic network of talented individuals (such as You can choose a psychic you feel would suit your needs best, and check their schedule to see if they’re busy at the moment. Click the “chat now” button once you’ve found the psychic you want to talk to.

Step Three: A pop-up chat box will open so you can speak with the psychic you’ve chosen. (Remember to disable pop-up blockers for this site.) You will have the option to confirm your psychic selection and you can begin chatting.

It’s that simple – and you can do it in the comfort of your own home where you’ll be able to ask any question you’d like.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading

To get the most out of your reading, follow these tips and tricks:

  • Think about the answers you’re looking for. Sometimes during a reading, individuals can easily forget questions they wanted to ask or information they hoped to receive. Make a list of the things you want to remember before the reading so you will remember to ask during the reading.
  • Keep an eye on the time remaining while chatting with your psychic. You can always purchase more time if you’re in the middle of a conversation and don’t want to end the session.
  • Ask specific questions. Often times the information coming through will need to be interpreted by the psychic, so it makes it easier if you ask very specific questions and there’s less of a chance that the message will get confused or jumbled in translation.

By keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you can make sure you get the answers you’re looking for and that you get the most out of your reading. Browse through our available psychics to see who is available and start your online psychic chat reading now.