Psychic Readings – Skeptic or Believer?

Dorothy┬┤s Psychic ReadingsMany people have very strong feelings when it comes to the validity of psychic readings. It’s a very polarizing topic and it seems like whenever you turn on the television recently there is a medium on a talk show or a new reality show. People go to psychics for a variety of different reasons whether it be purely for entertainment or used during tough times in our lives for guidance. How you view it can change your overall perspective on the practice.


Skeptics come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to online psychic readings. Some don’t believe, but would still have no problem going to a fortune teller on a Friday evening just purely to have a good time. This is probably the largest piece of the pie when it comes to the overall population.

Other skeptics are totally against the practice for a variety of reasons. Religion is one of these and would strongly prevent certain individuals to even consider the possibility of such things being possible. Another group of people might be against it because they believe it to be a farce and don’t see the fun in it.

As mentioned above in regards to mediums on tv. Often times it seems like the mediums are basically just leading individuals they are reading so they can obtain the answers they need. In these situations, you almost never see a cold read. There are instances where this practice can seen to take advantage of peoples emotions.


People who believe in real psychic readings also do so for their own individual reasons. They may be going through a difficult time in their life and using this as a last resort to find any answers they can. An individual could be grieving and this could be a way for them to say a final goodbye. If they get the answers they are looking for it will make them feel more at ease and more in control of the situation. In a sense it can grant comfort similar to how religion can. The control aspect also comes into play for people who just want a head start on events that may be coming into play in the future. The answers they may receive could be vague but could be a pat on the back to subconsciously change their lives into what the hoped for.