Tips on How To Give Accurate Psychic Readings

fortune tellerFortune telling and psychic readings are an ancient art that combines acting and psychological manipulation. Some real psychics have been known to acquire information prior to giving the reading or cheat. Below are some tips on how to perform what is referred to as “cold reading”, which is reading a person without acquiring information about them ahead of time.

Tips on how to perform “cold reading”

1. Set a comfortable stage and establish your psychic authority. Have comfortable chairs and a small table between them. Choose a lace table cloth, a light-colored soft rug, candles and incense to give your reading a “spiritual” feeling. The client should feel like they are the center of a very important ritual.

2. Develop a sympathetic personality and put the client in a cooperative mood. Explain to your client that working as a team is of great importance in psychic readings. Use as soft a voice as possible, remain calm, and use a sympathetic and non-confrontational body language. Maintain a pleasant smile and constant eye contact, unfold your arms, tilt your head to one side and face your client with legs together (not crossed). Let the client know that everyone has a special gift of intuition and that you have improved yours by practicing. Also remind them that no one is perfect and that not always are psychic readings accurate, to rationalize any misses.

3. Extract information by disguising questions as statements. Use questions such as: Is this making sense to you? Does this sound right? Do you connect with this? So what might this refer to? What might this link to in your life? Would you say that this is along the right line for you?

4. Pepper your reading with jargon that appeal to ancient wisdom and mysterious secrets. This makes the client see you as an authority figure with secret knowledge. It also promotes the sense of important ritual so that the client remains cooperative and does not have any doubts or protests. The reader can pump the client with information revealing that “the stars” or “the cards” indicate certain possibilities then asking them what best suits their situation.

5. Use a little scientific knowledge from sociology or psychology to deduce the client’s concerns. Some books may reveal interests that people at particular ages, social groups, or gender will have.

6. Don’t forget to flatter your subject; tell them what they want to hear. “You are hardworking, independent, wise and fair, your financial problems will be solved, your romance will turn out.” Excellent psychic readers don’t just say these words; they integrate them into an elaborate presentation that convinces the subject. These are statements that could be about anyone but make the client apply them specifically to their lives to perceive the reading as startlingly accurate.

7. Lastly, turn every outcome to your advantage and have excuses ready. Admit at the beginning that you are not 100% accurate. If a subject claims that the reader is wrong about a statement, the reader can point out that it’s because of something that happened in the past or will happen in future. Blame awkward pauses on bad spiritual connections or better yet, blame the subject by suggesting they should try harder.