Why You May Need Multiple Tarot Card Decks

tarot cardsSome people need multiple Tarot decks. That is because not all decks are suited to all types of readings. Some decks are designed for very specific purposes and layouts. They just don’t lend themselves well to other issues which may not be related to their purposes. Here are some examples of different decks along with the strengths and weaknesses of each deck. Of course, different readers might have different experiences with these decks, given the highly personal nature of the Tarot, but this examination serves to demonstrate some of the reasons why you might seek multiple decks for your own use.

The World Spirit Tarot

The World Spirit Tarot doesn’t make a good deck for predicting issues of material security, like money, careers, or new business ventures. It is excellent for telling a querent exactly what qualities to nurture in himself or herself in order to attain goals, which certainly can include goals of material security. It’s also good at pointing out weaknesses in thinking. As the name of the deck might imply it is also a good deck for helping people determine whether or not they are on the right spiritual path for following their life’s purpose.

Shapeshifter Tarot

This beautiful deck is designed with an eye towards helping you understand which energies to tap into or attune to in order to find success. It works well with a 10 card “Finding Animal Helpers” spread that has a very totemic quality to it. It’s very difficult to use this deck in a predictive way simply because of the way the deck is written. However, it can do well for relationship readings as it is all about how different energies blend and work together.

The Gilded Tarot

The Gilded Tarot is a great deck for nearly any physical matter, though it’s especially good for money or career readings. It offers beautiful, detailed artwork and memorable, distinctive, clear imagery. It’s not as attuned to matters of love, but it still works. As one might imagine the gilded tarot is least helpful in matters of spiritual growth and development.

The Quest Tarot

This deck is good for any issue the querent may be striving towards, though it can be a little harsh and unforgiving when pointing out the mistakes of the querent or when trying to bring warnings to the attention of the querent. It’s a great deck for a querent who might need a “kick in the pants,” however, and this “get up and get moving” effect can really be applied to any area of life. If someone’s primary quest is romantic in nature this does make a good deck for love readings.

Find the Resonances that Work for You

If your primary deck is doing a good job for all of the readings that you do then you probably shouldn’t rush out and buy a second deck—it’s not necessary. However, if you feel there is something missing or that certain types of readings are creating a difficulty for you, it is probably time to seek out a second deck that is better suited for the types of readings that you’re having trouble with. It could also be that you don’t have a talent with that sort of reading. Someone for whom love and romance isn’t much of a priority may have trouble doing love readings no matter what sort of deck they carry, for example. If that’s the case having a different deck for those sorts of readings still won’t hurt, and it may even help. As always with the Tarot, follow your intuition and do what seems right for you.